Sore Throat and Ear Pain Cures

Sore Throat and Ear Pain

Most of your body parts are interlinked with one another. A very good example is the throat, nose, and ears. Because of the ‘link’, if any of the three is infected, or there is the presence of an allergen, you will feel a lot of discomfort because the three body parts are affected. The throat and the middle ear are connected by the Eustachain tube. When a person has sore throat, there is a high chance that ear pain can occur because the blockage exerts pressure on the tube.

Sore throat can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection. For instance, if you have tonsillitis, laryngitis, or pharyngitis, you may develop sore throat. When this happens, you will later on feel ear pain and you will find it hard to swallow food or liquid. You will need to consult a doctor so that you can be given the appropriate treatment. In most cases, the patient will be prescribed an antibiotic which should be taken for a certain number of days.

What about ear pain? The ear is divided into the inner, middle, and outer ear. The ear pain usually starts at the middle ear, the causes may vary. This can include an eruption of a new eruption of tooth in children, earwax, ear infection, or any other problem that is related to the throat, nose, and ear. You may have an infection if the ear pain is accompanied with itching, fever, and loss of appetite.

If the sore throat and ear pain is persistent, you should get a thorough medical exam. Allergies and repeated infections can weaken the immune system. It is just right that you receive immediate medical attention so that you can get rid of the sore throat and ear pain for good.

Did you know some remedies for sore throat and ear pain are readily available at home? Here are some instant remedies that you can try next time you have sore throat or ear pain:

  1. Earache relief with the use of heated or warm cloth.
  2. Keep the body hydrated. You can drink warm beverages like milk or soup, and lots of water.
  3. Use lozenges or popsicles to moisten the throat.
  4. Have humidifier at home.
  5. Put salt in water, and gargle it.
  6. To moisten mucus membranes, use saline nasal sprays.
  7. Make a concoction of salt, ginger, cinnamon, basil leaves, and turmeric.
  8. Take a warm or steam shower.

Aside from increasing fluid intake, you also need to eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise. A healthy body is less prone to illnesses and infections. The remedies mentioned above are quite effective in addressing sore throat and ear pain. However, you have to consult your doctor just in case you have an infection. By doing so, you can determine the best treatment and avoid making the condition worse.

Ear pain and sore throat should be taken seriously. The pain can be irritating and it can lead to some degree of dysfunction. Stop the pain with the right cure.

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