Swollen Sore Throat Remedies

swollen sore throatMost common reason for a swollen sore throat happens to be because of tonsils. The name of this infection is tonsillitis and it occurs in the lumpy, membranous tissues at the back of the tongue on its each side. Most people tend to develop immunities in their childhood by catching small infections. But if these infections continue to recur will show that their tonsils are not healthy, as the healthy ones do not stay infected. For these people, if their tonsils are surgically removed, they will have a better chance of not getting these infections.

Apart from tonsils, even a more dangerous condition can arise from the infection of the epiglottis. It is caused by a bacterium which attacks a portion of the voice box, called as larynx, which causes the airway to close due to swelling. This sort o a condition will call of immediate medical attentions. Its symptoms include drooling, unclear speech and difficulty in breathing.

Swollen throat, a lump in the front area of the neck, weight loss for no reason or finding blood in phlegm or saliva; all of these conditions point towards a tumor or throat cancer. This may start of as a sore throat with swelling but only an ENT specialist will be able to diagnose it with the help of telescopic instruments and special mirrors.

For a regular sore throat, it is usually accompanied by a cold or flu. It happens to be very painful and at times its treatment becomes mandatory as home remedies fail to provide any relief from it. With a swollen sore throat it is most likely to develop a hoarse voice. It is usually caused by viruses on which the intake of antibiotics does not help in any manner. It is very contagious, hence any contact with a person with a sore throat should be avoided and it should be tried that breathing through mouth does not take place. in any condition it is important to stay in a moist environment to keep the throat hydrated because the dryness causes it to get irritated. If a sore throat remains even after two weeks then this indicates towards a serious condition which needs to be medically resolved.
Usually a swollen sore throat can be relieved by gargling with warm water which has a pinch of salt mixed in it. Gargling with a mouthwash because of the alcohol content and vinegar because of its disinfecting nature also helps. Honey with lemon juice lozenges, syrups and warm herbal liquids also help in reducing the swollen sore throat. It is best to stay arm especially to prevent further infection and other ailments.

One of the remedies includes the chewing of a gum. This helps to keep the throat hydrated and prevent dryness which causes the throat to become irritated. Apart from gargling, herbal liquids and lozenges, a room humidifier can also be installed. This will help in the reduction of dryness in the room and keep the air moist. With this initiative, the throat will experience less irritation.

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