Treatment of Sore Throat and Swollen Glands

sore throat swollen glandsSore throat is a mild nature disease that can be very irritating in nature as it causes dryness and soreness in the throat. When the pharynx is swollen we experience sore throat. It is a very common problem and occurs once in a year depending on us, when we are the most vulnerable, usually the winter season.  It is a viral and bacterial problem and is caused due to numerous reasons.  Sore throat and swollen glands can due to viral infections, bacteria, allergies, acid reflux, respiratory diseases, smoking, mouth ulcers, ear and nose infections, influenza, fever, cold and tonsils and their related issues like tonsillitis. Diagnosis of the problem, causes and symptoms is very important before coming to the treatment.

Sore throat can also be a cause of strep throat caught virally. When you go for a sore throat treatment the doctor always take a throat culture to check for strep throat. The sore throat swollen gland is due to the enlarged lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are an important part of the body and scattered thorough out the system. They are present in the groin, neck, jaw, ears etc. they perform the function of immunity and protect the body against harmful viruses. The underlying cause behind the inflammation of the lymph nodes could be tuberculosis, dental problems, lymphoma, acid reflux and sore throat. It is very important that swollen glands be cured because they contribute to the immunity of the body and if the immunity is lessened the body is prone to catch deadly diseases. Sometimes sore throat can occur before common cold or influenza and can be treated beforehand. It is very easy to cure sore throat and swollen glands as he treatment can be done medically or naturally whichever way is more suitable for you.

Gargling is the first step to curing sore throat and swollen glands. You can gargle with a wide variety of liquids whichever suit you. The most effective and easily available is the salt and water combination. Make sure that the water is warm enough to give you a soothing effect on the throat. Steam inhalation is also one of the oldest methods adopted to get rid of sore throat and swollen glands. Just take a big bowl of hot steaming water and take a towel and lower your head to inhale the steam. The vapors help open blockages and make the throat moist. Chewable tablets also known as lozenges can also be chewed to cure the problem. Basil leaves can also be used. Boil water and add two or three basil leaves to it. When the leaves get boiled with the water strain out the mixture and drink it in intervals. This is a good herbal treatment and works well for sore throat. One to two cloves can be chewed on to as the juice is very effective in soothing dry cough and dry throat.

Apart from this treatment if the problem persists consult your doctor immediately and go for another treatment.

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